Transformers Control Panels
Transformer & associated equipments connected in the network is normally a complex and delicate systems. The protection of system & people working around it, is reliable opertaion to meet the expectations of users is extremely important. Here comes the role of Transformer Control & Relay Panels.

Complete designing CONCEPT to COMMISSIONING is undertaken, keeping in view the simplicity & ease of operation, high reliability & timely performance. In the early stages of Project, the requirments are known only in general sense. NUCON undertakes such development & designing, supply & commissionings to meet voltage ranges upto 132 KV class. We also undertake to supply Control & Relay Panels for line Feeders, Transformers, Bus Couplers Transfer Breakers of varius system voltages.

NUCON has supplied large number of Control & Relay Panels to clients spread over number of countries in varius sector. The equipment has been supplied both for green fields & refurbished projects.

Protection & Control Design
We begin the protection & Control Design with the preparation / development of single line diagram (SLD), indicating the
  • Bus arrangments
  • Major equipment to be used
  • General information regarding metering /SCADA relay interconnections & needed communications.
  • Customer Protection & Control Philosophy
NUCON further develops the SLD baseed on performance analysis / risk factory and IEC guidlines. The final package / design offered brings out clear and accurate customer's requirments into a visible shape.