Isolating Switches
NUCON has been manufacturing high voltage disconnecting switches since almost two decades. The supply lilist includes varius Electricity Board, Utilities, Industrial Units and public Sector Undertakings. The company has been exporting the disconnecting switches to varius countries for some more thean eight years now.

Disconnecting switches are used for isolation of system under fault conditions or carrying out the maintenance work without disturbing the main supply network. The disconnecting switches are made as per relevant standards and the customer's specifications. They are made with and without earth switches with mechanical / electrical interlocks, manually or motorized operated mechanism, having capacity to interrupt line charging currents. The current carrying parts are made of electrolytic grade copper. The contacts are designed to provide discharge free supply. The arcing horns ensure that main contacts remain safe during opening and closing operations thus giving a longer life to the switch. The metal parts are surface treated for protection against rust. The switches are tested from approved labs for high short circuit currents.

Depending upon the requirments, off load disconnecting switches are made in horizontal, vertical, single break, double break, and center break models. Company also developed disconnecting switches , single break spring assisted models up to 33KV aerial application in both vertical and horizontal mounting. These switches have ] great operator's comfort, load making as well as load breaking capabilities. These switches are most preffered in rural and urban electrification in africa.
Down the years we have been working to better the switches in operation. Bearings and Bushes were standardized to reduce the torque . Most of the manually operated switches can be operated with less than 30 kg operating weight.

We have also provided rod insulator in ost of the models to ensure operator's safety in the event of main insulators leakage.

Technical Data Isolating Switches
System Voltage (KV) Highest System voltage (KV) Power frequency withstand across phases to earth Power frequency withstand across isolating distance (KV) Impulse withstand across phase to earth (KV) Impulse withstand across phase to earth (KV) Weight (kg) Approx
11 12 28 32 75 85 90
22 24 50 60 125 145 125
33 36 70 80 170 195 175
66 72.5 140 160 325 375 780
132 145 275 315 650 750 1020