Indoor VCB Panles
The switchgear is designed in accordance with the requirements of metal-clad enclosed switchgear under the standard IEC 62771-200.The switchgear is composed of the compartment body & center located withdrawable parts. The compartment body of switchgear is divided into four independant compartments.The protective level of the enclosure is IP4X. While the protective level is IP2X between the compartments and when the door of circuit breaker compartment is open.variable scheme are available such as overhead in-coming feeder and outgoing feeder, cable incoming feeder and outgoing feeder and other functions.A number of power distribution equipment with different functions could be analyzed after arrangements and combination of various schemes. The erection, adjustment and maintainance could be undertaken in the front of switchgear so that the switchgear could be back to back combined together in double arrangement and mountained against the wall.It has a high flexibility and safety with less floor space.

  • Conforms to IEC/IS
  • Internal arc proof
  • Suitable for capacitor switching and auto re-closing duty
  • Fully air insulated,robust construction and extensible
  • HV and LV compartment are fully segregated
  • Dust protected and vermin proof -IP4X
  • Integral Earthing by fault make earth switch/ Earth truck
  • Comprensive electrical/Machanical safety interlock
  • Mechanism with minimum operating linkages
  • Cable box suitable for multiple cable termination
  • Upto 12 kv,25 Ka,1600 Amp