Expulsion Type Drop Out Fuses
Drop out fuses are used for fault protections in rural electrification, distribution system,industrial units having medium voltage connections both as primary and secondary back ups. The drop out fuse should operate before the connected equipment i.e transformer gets damaged. Generally D.O Fuses are used as switching device along with protection and operated with the telescopic insulated rods from the ground level.

The operation of drop out fuse is extremely violent. Once the fuse blows off,the arc restrikes till it is quenched.Even few cycles are sufficient to damage the current carrying parts and the barrel.NUCON over a period of time has aquired expertise in the manufacturing of drop out fuses to withstand such short circuit currents.

The NUCON drops out fuses are designed to accomodate button head type fuse elements. The high pressure,electroplated copper alloy components are used to provide better contacts and longer life.

NUCON manufactures various models as per IEC 282-2 or IS 9385-2 to customer needs. single insulator type,Bracket type & Universal type models are available up to 33KV.
Basis Technical Data
System Voltage (KV) Highest system voltage (KV) Current (Amps) High voltage withstand (KV) Impulse Level (KV) Symmetrical fault withstand (KV) r.m.s. Asymmetrical fault withstand (KV) peak
11 12 100 / 200 28 / 32 75 / 85 8 12.8
22 24 100 / 200 50 / 60 125 / 145 6 10
33 36 100 / 200 70 / 80 170 / 195 6 10