Distribution Transformer
Transformers are tailer-made products and the deisgn varies with the impedence levels (constant Ohmic and constant percentage), transmission voltage and cooling requirments. These are normally provided with on load tap changer for voltage variations. For long distance ruler power distribution lines, speacial autotransformers with automatic tap changing equipments are inserted as voltage regulations, so that customers at the far end of the line receive the same average voltage as those closer to the source. The variable ratio of the autotransformers compensates for the voltage drop along the line.

Salient Features
  • Thermally upgraded paper to improve transformer life time
  • Low flux density to withstand severe over excitation
  • Use of magnetic shields to control strong flux
  • optimum losses
  • Better shield circuit strength
  • enviornment friendly

Stadard Features
  • Base on tried and tested technologies
  • Meeting the latest I.E.C technical specification
  • Large overload capability depending on the ambient temperature
  • Large over voltage capability on generator side to withstand the overvoltage coming for load rejections
  • customized solution
  • Satisfying specific customer requests
  • Equipments for indoor and outdoor usage