Compact Substation / Unitized Substation
The Transformert Compartment
The compact substation incorporates our own make Distribution Transformer which is designed ans made strictly as per IEC60076 and ISC2026 specifications. The transformer compartment is fitted with removable bolted cover with louvers and stand traps. This design allows maximum ventilation and prevents ingress of sand or its accumulation in door cavities

Unitized sub-station configuration components
HV Compartment Transformer Compartment LV Compartment
Extensible & Non Extensible MV Switchgear Ring Main Unit (RMU) Oil Immersed Transformer LV Distribution Board
Vacuum / SF6 Circuit Breaker, RMU & HV Fuse Dry Type Transformer (CRT / VPI) LT Control Panel with Incomer ACB & Outgoing MCCB
RMU and Load Break Switch LV Switch Fuse Units
Protextion and Metering Devices Current & Potential Transformer for Metering / Protection Instrumentation and Metering

The LV Compartment
This compartment encloses the LV distribution Board which is connected to LV bushing og the transformer. The LVDB can be designed to meet varius application and requirments having
  • MCCBs or ACBs
  • LV fuse switch units
  • Instrumentation and metering
  • Load feeders

Connection between compartments
specially designed Elastamould HV bushings have been provided for complete safety of equipments. The connection between the transformers and the RMU is made with XLPE insulated cable.

Main advantages of United Substation
  • Custom built design and suitable for constant mobility. This provides a high flexible power supply points without much difficulties.
  • Reduced Electrical losses as package substation can be provided in the center location of load.
  • total economy in cost. Even site cable cost is minimized as the transformer is directly connected to LV switch board.
  • A high degree of safety and opertaional reliability is achieved by HT and LT switchgears and protective relays to avoid overloading.