Compact Substation / Unitized Substation
The utilized substation is a state-of-the-art system which simplifies conventional substation design.NUCON'S (ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED CO.) fully engineered factory built design,is tailor made to customer needs. the company takes the total responsibility of engineering and building the complete USS are subject to stringent internal quality checks. the housing is made from a composition of Aluzinc sheet steel having thickness of 2mm,1.5mm mild steel and 4mm structure member base frame and then power coated.

Unitized substations may be indoor or outdoor, with a selection of high - voltage incoming sections, a choice of transformers types and an arrangement of switchgear to suit the application.Most switchgear to suit the application.Most switchgear assemblies are configured as unit substations.Unitized substation follow the system concept of locating transformers as close as practicable to areas of load contentration at utilization voltages, thus minimizing the lengths of secondary distribution cables and buses.

Features of united substation transformers
  • Specific arrangements of switchgear minimizes installation expenses.
  • Lengths of cables and buses are minimized,reducing the likelihood of faults and improving voltage regulation.
  • Wide choice of components and ratings to meet exact application requirement allows for extreme flexibility.
  • complete coordination, both mechanical and electrical,provides for improved service continuity.

Salient Features
  • Compact in contruction,occupies less floor space and does not effect the elevation of commercial complex.
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • In accessible to live parts.
  • Fully compartmentalized design.
  • Substation housing is divided into three segregrated compartments i.e. the HV compartment,the transformer compartment and the LV compartment
  • All fastness are SS/Steel Zinc plated.
  • The roof is special, heating due to solar radiation is minimized by the use of double skin roof and having slanted top.Air insulates the substation from the effect of sun radiation and specially designed ventilation opening facilitate air circulation, thereby supporting complete cooling system.

The HV Compartment
  • It comes in two versions i.e. vacuum circuit breaker RMU & HV Fuse RMU or load break switch.
  • Normally NUCON utilizes vacuum circuit breaker together with a self powered over current protection system in place of switch fuse switch combination. The RMU has been designed to IEC62271-100,IEC60694 standards.